Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New book considered ESSENTIAL READING by OTTT by Genesis....

We consider this book ESSENTIAL READING for any OTTT so they can see how
HARD a coum-unity really is!!!
This book SHOULD make exuberant TOPI people take a breath and think DEEPLY about
if they can really let go of so much and be consistently generous for YEARS, not just a few
weeks til the novelty wears off and/or THEY have to give money, time, and property up to sustain
a coum-unity.

This book is an amazing insight into how HARD it truly is to create a viable coum-unity.

Back to the land. Urban homesteads. Sustainable cooperatives. The movement that swept the nation in the 70s is back with a passion. Economic, permaculture, and social concerns have drawn thousands across the country to rediscover the benefits of collective living.

The new Process book THE MODERN UTOPIAN is the definitive examination of the alternative communities in the ‘60s and ‘70s, documented by those who knew it and lived it—from the fabled Drop City to Morningstar Ranch, Timothy Leary at Millbrook to Detroit’s Translove Energies and the still-thriving Stephen Gaskin’s Farm. The book includes a chapter on the many groups still thriving today as hundreds of new intentional communities form.


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